Jiangsu Euiomoda Co., Ltd.
High boiling point solvent MADE
Waterborne epoxy resin
Adipic acid
Alkyd resin
Acrylic resin
Saturated polyester resin
Synthetic fatty acid resin
Curing agent
Jiangsu Euiomoda Co., Ltd. is a Hi-Tech chemical enterprise. Our company was initially founded on 1992. We now have over USD10,000,000 in fixed assets, occupy approximately 8 hectares, more than 300 staffs including 90 technicians . Our company also have the advanced new product develop center, quality analysis center, staff training center , also we have many good and long-term cooperation with some high colleague and search agent in China. 

The main products of the company include the following three categories: 
1) High boiling point solvent (MADE which is same as DBE that named by Dupont) 
2) Synthetic resin  
3) Middle-grade and High-grade Paint 

Last year , With our company succeeded building a big equipment for MADE, now we are amongst the forefront manufacturers for MADE in Asia, the annual production capacity is10,000MTS. The quality of our products meets or exceeds international standards. 

To use the advanced technical , now we our capacity for Synthetic resin is about 25000 mts including alkyd resin, polyester resin, acrylic acid resin and so on , capacity for Paint is about 35000 mts including polyester paint, industry paint, synthetic latex paint  etc. 

In addition to our headquarters located in Jiangsu Province we have local sales offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Pekin and Tianjing. Our products are sold throughout China and are also been exported to foreign countries including Japan, Korea and some Euro countries. 

Jiangsu Euiomada Co., Ltd will do more efforts to improving the quality and developing more new products to sever the customers by our excellent quality, competition price and good service.
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